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Tracylyn: News

Opening for Gretchen Wilson! - June 3, 2012

It's official! I will be opening for Gretchen Wilson at Festival of the Lakes in Hammond, Indiana on July 22, 2012!! Stay tuned for more details!!!! Look for an evening of original music from my two albums, Good Rain and Close the Door!!! It will be so awesome to finally perform these songs live!

Review from Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions - February 15, 2009

Tracylyn is a spirited, female, Pop-Country vocalist, who initially reminds listeners of Faith Hill. Hailing from Illinois she recorded “Close the Door,” her sophomore album, in its entirety in Nashville, TN. She’s not completely Country and not completely Pop, but a great blend of the two genres, with exciting material.

Track 5 “Close The Door” – This somber song is chameleon-like because it can’t quite be categorized, and one won’t waste time trying to categorize a song they’re too busy enjoying. Thoughts point to how great a track this is even though it is a complete departure from what Tracylyn usually brings to the table, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Track 6 “Let Me Happen to You” – Great writing lyrically and musically along with a really confident swagger listeners can get into make this title a gem. Tracylyn belts beautifully, “Let me be the fire in your eyes, the brightest star in your sky. I’ll show you the way. Let me happen to you, babe.” She chose a simple way to say something profound and that’s why this song succeeds.

Track 7 “Fish Out of Water” -- This is another example of Tracylyn’s versatility between singing styles. At some point, (probably with this track) the conclusion is drawn that Tracylyn is just a marvelous performer who can’t be pigeonholed into a sound category.

Track 8 “Takin’ My Time” -- This tune is a certified “big deal” with “hit-single” potential. The lyrics are exceptional. She’s not just singing words. She’s actually saying something. “I’m takin’ my time for my heart’s sake. Filling myself with peace and quiet in a little space. I’m takin’ my time cause it’s mine to take. Clearing my mind so I can make it through another day. I ain’t gonna rush one single minute. So call me selfish I’ll admit it.” These lyrics are easy to relate to and the song is nicely-performed.

Reviewed by Reggie Altema at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

Radio Play in France! - February 15, 2009

RADIO ARIA 99.6 with Gilles MARTIN at B.P 90099
54405 LONGWY CEDEX in France. They are playing Underappreciated!

The Cancer Returns - February 12, 2009

As you all know, my mother was diagnosed with cancer in May. After some intensive treatment including chemo and radiation by October 16th we were given a clean bill of health.

Unfortunately, the cancer had other plans. It moved from her throat to her tongue and did so with a vengeance while also reclaiming its place in her throat. The doctors will have to remove her tongue and esophogus and then reconstruct. This is no easy task, it's a 20 hour surgery. Right now, her body is in no condition to tolerate such an massive procedure so today she is getting a chemo type drug to hold the cancer at bay while she gains some weight and her levels come up a bit more.

She will have 3 more treatments with this drug over the next 7 weeks and then, hopefully she will be prepared to endure the surgery which should put us at 100% cure. She will have a trach and the g-tube fore the rest of her life but from this ordeal and being in these doctor's offices we have met several people who continue to live a wonderful life.

Anyway, I am still pushing forward with the music and will keep you posted as much as I can. Thanks to all of you who have been so patient with me.

Love you all,

A Poem by George Gaston - November 29, 2008

I have spent a lot of time writing but this is the first time someone has written something for me. George, thank you very much. This means the world to me.


This poem is about the singer,
Who conveys her messages through melodic tones,
Her sweet vocal sounds,
Through the internet a way to touch my soul she found.

She wanted to be my Myspace friend,
I accepted her add,
Then out her music I checked,
Some true life situations her music reflects.

Anything from life’s tough times,
To a romantic time with her love,
She has written about,
She’s on her way to super stardom no doubt.

Her music is based on true life,
And also filled with variety,
This poem is about the singer,
One of the greatest she’ll one day be.

Written By: George Gaston
Nov. 23, 2008

Gettin' Back To It! - October 29, 2008

I can't believe the summer has come and gone. It was a pretty difficult one for me. Just as the album was released, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It changed everything including my focus. While music is important to me, nothing was more important than tending to my mom, whatever the cost. I have come to enjoy being her primary caregiver and wear the "designated daughter" title proudly. I am lucky that I know her better than I ever have and that I was able to spend so much time with her. The good news is that my mom completed treatment and the first scope came back clear, cancer free. She has one more test to pass, a PET scan which is this Saturday and we will find out Friday if the cancer is completely gone. The doctors are completely optimistic, so am I. While I did have to slip away from the music scene, I want everyone to know that I am back more determined than ever to reach as high as I possibly can.

Thanks for all your patience, I know several of you have asked me why I am not booking shows and I think I may have been too emotional to share. I can't thank you all enough for being understanding and supportive.

All my love always,


October Radio Play Update! - October 1, 2008

Australia Shoalhaven FM Taking My Time good tune - like it and featuring

Austria Archangel Country -Theben Added Tracylyn to our shows - Let Me Happen to You

Belgium Vrije Radio Wellen Good songs and singer - will be playing Think Big & Fish Out of Water

Denmark Midtfjord Radio Think Big is the song for us

Denmark Helsingor Radio -Absolute Country Think Big good tune - thanks for nice album

Denmark Sindal -15 stations syndicated Now in consideration for our many shows

England FAB-AM -+ The Advertiser reviews Enjoy Tracylyn..... always place for her singing & songs

France Galaxie Radio & Muret 89.7 FM Good Comstock discovery - like Tracylyn.... thanks

France Lyon 1 Radio Taking My Time good tune - like it

France Aria Radio 99.6 Some good singing and songs - will add

Germany Western Mail Album review in this top Germany Magazine ....

Germany Ems-Vechte-Welle / Lothar This is an album for the charts! Brilliant voice and fantastic music!!!

Italy Susa Onda Radio Close the Door my choice for play here

Netherlands Venray Radio Enjoyable singer and songs - like Taking My Time a lot

Netherlands Rucphen-FM Added Taking My Time to program

Spain RPEM - FM & Palafrugell radio Should find play for some of Tracylyn's songs

Sweden Folkradion -Sweden Yes - will be playing album

September Radio Airplay Update! - September 14, 2008

Check out the new stations that are playing cuts off of Close the Door!

Real Country, Japan - Think Big

Polish National Radio, Poland - Close the Door

Quartier du Marfaut
F-31310 Rieux- Volvestre, France - Taking My Time and Give

Radio free FM Ulm, UKW 102,6 - Montag, 11.08.2008, 00.00 bis 02.16 Uhr, Germany - Takin My Time

OMROEP HUISSENTV KABEL 103.0 FM, The Netherlands - Takin My Tim

BONANZA Country Music
On MIDTFJORD RADIO DJ: Herbert Fischer J. Skjoldborg Vej, Denmark - Takin My Time

Max W. Achatz
Munich, Germany - Think Big

Big Al's Country Homestead, Australia and from Nashville TN - Takin My Time

Bay Breeze Give - good tune and we're playing

Triple U- FM Exciting new artist - loads of talent - we're playing

Australia Shepparton 98.5 One FM Good singer and songs

Australia Yarra Valley - FM Think Big & Close the Door our first songs in play

Australia Slinga Radio - We'll be paying - especially like Think Big

Australia 2NUR - Newcastle OK album - favorites are Maybe I Made You Up & Think Big

Austria & Italy Carinzia Radio Listeners like Tracylyn.... good new Comstock artist

Belgium Terre Franche 105.9 FM Close the Door great songs and wonderful singer

Denmark SCAWC syndicated Copenhagen Good comeback album - have enjoyed Tracylyn and will play new songs now

England HHR Radio Good songs - we're programming - fetching voice

England Forest FM Enjoyable album which should do well for Tracylyn

France Frequence Verte Lots of songs played here on this album

France Waves Radio International A great voice with a lot of nice songs - we are adding to our network

Germany Euroherz Radio Let Me Happen to You now playing - good singer

Germany RheinWelle 92.5 Wiesbaden Will be playing from album

Germany Hillbilly Rockhouse- C&W 24 Maybe I Made You Up added to programming

Germany Country Jukebox radio Will give some play to #1 and #10

Germany Free FM Ulm & C&W 24 Taking My Time & Exactly What I Am - two favorites

Japan Real Country Radio - Japan We have added Tracylyn to our main programming - in our top 100 list

Netherlands Golfbreker Radio Think Big first into our playlist

Netherlands Havenstedt FM Maybe I Made You Up playing - good singer-writer

BRTO Radio Nice new singer and album - Think Big added

Netherlands Zwolle Radio Taking My Time - programmed from nice album

Netherlands Beverwijk Radio We wiill be sharing this album with some of our multi format shows

Netherlands Eagle Bladel Radio Yes - like this artist- especially songs #2 and #8

Netherlands Compagnie radio A fine project with some wonderful songs

New Zealand Town & Country Radio -NZ Pretty good album - favorites are #7 and 10

Norway Sotra Radio Now featuring Think Big

Poland Polish National Radio Katowice Enjoyable new Comstock singer - added Close the Door to shows

Scotland Shetland Radio BBC Great songs with a great voice - lots of goodies to choose from

Spain Vilafant Radio Feature photo on web plus airplay for Tracylyn

Going Strong Over Seas! - August 13, 2008

Close the Door is now receiving radio play at various stations in France, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Holland, Belgium, Scotland, England, Japan and Spain! It was also voted Album of the Week in Belgium.

Don't forget we are playing out at the Middle Branch Saloon this weekend!

Album Complete! - July 29, 2008

After only a week of promotion, Close the Door is receiving radio play at various stations in France, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Holland, Belgium, England, Japan and Spain! YEAH!!!!!!

You can get the album here or even download it from iTunes!

Take a look at the 5 Star review from RadioIndy!
Press releases have been published on,,,, and

If you already have the album please help me increase the popularity and exposure by visiting the link below and clicking "DIGG" to digg my press release!
Don't forget to drop me a line on my MySpace Page!

Almost Done! - April 11, 2008

Hello All. It seems like it has taken so long but the 2nd album is just about done! The mixing and mastering was completed by Omni Studios in Nashville and a big thanks goes out to Steve Tveit and John Kunz for getting the job done right. We are completing the artwork for the CD cover which is being done by Brad at Now if you have any graphic design needs, Brad is your guy. He has a rare ability to capture the exact feeling you are going for through graphic design! He is spectacular and his talent is rare! The glorius pictures were taken by the wonderful and talented Amy Aiello and don't think I could ever get myself to look that way in a million years! The hair and makeup were done by the amazing Elizabeth Link! I owe all of these folks a big THANK YOU!

The CD will be called Close the Door which was written by me and Kathleen Dooley and we should meet our mark of releasing it in May! I will keep you all posted!

Happy New Year! - January 1, 2008

Well, how about that, it's 2008. I can hardly believe it. We did finish 2007 with a bang by getting the new album recorded. Now it's time to craft the artwork for the cover and all the mechanical license stuff. I am so excited and nervous about the new album! But I do feel a sense of calm because the songs just fit me so perfectly.

Here's to a new and wonderful year ahead.

New Album Update! - December 7, 2007

Hello Everyone:

I am back from Nashville and the recording of the second album went GREAT! The talent of the engineers, the producer, the musicians and the techs we amazing to watch. They are so precise and very quick with implementing the precision. Watching them work was someting I will never forget and now I have a true measure of what to reach for.

The album is being mixed and mastered this week so next week I should get the final product.

It is so difficult to select a title track so I am waiting for the final master to be done to help me decide. Once that is done, I can begin to focus on what the CD cover should look like. I really think you guys are going to like this new album! I will keep you posted!

Happy Halloween! - October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you are all having a great day and enjoying the kids in their costumes. If you are adults in costumes, just don't get arrested! HA!

It is now official. I will be out in Nashville at the end of November and the first part of December recording the second album.

We are starting to book for 2008 so if there is a place you would like us to play closer to you, please drop me a line!


Great News! - August 9, 2007

This has been an interesting week. I began converstaions with Dennis from Chicago Music Guide. Hopefully, if all goes well the band and I will be able to help out at a benefit for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk next year. Also, he set up for me to interview one of my idols, Suzy Boggus. She will be performing at Fitzgerald's in August. I will keep you posted. Finally, looks like I am going to Nashville to begin recording the second album. Of course, I am excited and nervous. I always wonder if I will be good enough but as you all have taught me, I have to believe in myself. Somedays I wish I could believe in myself as much as you all do, that is why I love all of you so much. You make me strong, even when I think I can't.

Another Week! - August 5, 2007

I am certain to be preaching to the choir by saying everything is always changing! Some days the change feel like a medicine ball to the chest while other days the changes are good. I am happy to say to for me, it's the latter. We have been working with our new bass player, Mike Gros and it is really going well. We could not have found a better fit. We are blessed and very lucky to have found such a talented player.

I am in the process of ramping up to get to Nashville to do some recording. I am reviewing and writing songs but I have to be honest, I am not quite sure which will make the cut.

On a final note, I would like to encourage all of you to come out to the shows. Our ability to continue to be booked is dependent on how many people we can bring in. If we can't draw a crowd, we can't get the shows so please come on out and support us! We need you more than ever.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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